Tuesday, 18 February 2014

NH 1(Delhi-Ambala Highway) jammed by local villagers in protest of cow stealing from their area for slaughters

At about 5:20 PM, 18th of February 2014, National Highway 1(Delhi-Karnal Highway) was reportedly blocked by local villagers in the protest of theft of cows for slaughter. At first the locals caught one truck red handed which was stuffed with cows and opposed to the same where police did not take much action and allowed them to pass after getting convinced by the butchers. 

Soon more villagers gathered and they caught another truck which was over stuffed with cows and was covered completely. The truck was caught by the villagers and this time in order to bring it to the knowledge of everyone around and the commuters of the national highway, they blocked the NH and caught the truck where the driver ran away but the truck was taken into custody by the locals and  brought to the middle of the highway in front of the police station- Rai Police Station.

The truck was then opened up in front of all who gathered around to prove the illegal transportation of cows to a nearby region for slaughtering. The cows were then freed and the locals who were badly beaten up by the police in this protest, were taken to the hospital.

The commuters of the NH who were being forced to face the glam later on justified the act of villagers and stood by them in support of the act. The crowd shouted the slogans of "Gau Mata Ki Jai" . The Superintended of Police(SP) rushed to the spot and took the necessary action and cleared the highway. 


As the menace of cow thefts and illegal transportation has been increasing in the country, the villagers by and door are in a state of panic and are frightened to leave their cows freely further.

While those driving and riding personal vehicles had no option but to swelter it out, waiting for the blockade to clear and people who were traveling by public transport got off in disgust, preferred to walk. Most of them spent anxious moments caught in a traffic jam before reaching their destination. The commuters wished that if the police would have taken necessary action in time, situation would have not gone as bad.

With regards to these illegal activities the police department should take necessary action in time to  safe-gaurd the rights of all animals including the sacred animals of Hindus, Cow!

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